The video conference room gets an upgrade.

Choppy audio and grainy video conference systems are giving way to the next generation of technology. Systems like HP’s HALO and Tanberg’s Telepresence are making it easier to have a seamless and comfortable interaction with clients and staff in distant offices. It is easier to see, hear and interact with other people using these systems, but they are more complicated to install. Theses systems need specific room sizes, finishes, lighting, acoustics and HVAC equipment. Slower IP and ISDN links are giving way to T1 and T3 connectivity with 1080p HD video and clear full duplex sound. RN Field is helping our clients like Fireman’s Fund insurance and Latham and Watkins LLP implement these next generation systems. If you are considering an advanced video system on a new project or as an add-on to your existing facility RN Field can help you understand the project parameters.

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